For the Love of Elders

Dear World,

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but old people LOVE to look at the sea. Do you ever just go to the beach on a cool afternoon and there is some babooshka and her husband just standing on the sand staring out into the ocean? Why? Is it the place to hang out? Is it the only thing to do? No, there’s a lot of reasons to look at the ocean.
It’s unifying, really. This is an international site, and we are all from different places and backgrounds. So it’s crazy to think that the ocean that reaches the shores of India is the same that touch my feet when I stand on the New Jersey shore. Crazy thought.
But I guess older people like it so much because it’s cleansing. It really is just a giant bath.
You can just look out to the horizon and there are endless possibilities.
Endless words and possibilities.
When you get older, your life, for the most part is lived, you can’t change what had happened, and there isn’t a lot of motivation to do anything. But looking out to the ocean lets your imagination run wild, like you can just lose yourself in the thought of being somewhere else.
Or maybe because water is like a mirror, the ocean is like a giant looking glass and one can go there and literally reflect on their life.
I don’t know. This is just me ranting. Stream of consciousness.
But I want to go to the beach right now. Right in the middle of winter, and stick my hand in the water.
I’ll be touching the same water that some Australian kid, or some Icelandic kid have touched. SO next time you go to the ocean, stick your hand in, we will have touched the same water. I’ll feel connected to you, yes YOU.

written by rake on 2011-03-09

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  1. rancliffhasenza
    rancliffhasenza ·

    I love staring at the ocean.