For The Love Of My LC-A


Dear world,
I can honestly not say this enough; the LC-A is possibly my most important possession. And if anyone else is willing to run into a burning building to save it, please let me know. I once tried to grab the back of my LC-A out of my burning car only to get plastic burns.
I’m kidding, but my back did die in my burning car.
People have asked me; “Why do you love something that can’t love you back?” I usually tell them “Because you suck.” But the real answer is : IT DOES.
Of course this object loves me back. It shares and captures all the memories I hold dear, it manipulates them into beautiful images so I can have them forever. Can a person physically do that? No. Only my loving, beautiful, LC-A (and LC-A+ whom I’ve been using more recently.)
If any of you feel the same, let me know
Or give me some closure that I AM crazy.
All would be appreciated.

Credits: rake

written by rake on 2011-01-07

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  1. santafire
    santafire ·

    I love my cameras so much that they have a persona (gijinka) and we share a bed.