Musician and artist Rachel Staggs is best known for her work in Experimental Aircraft, where she has perfected sculpting songs from reverb-soaked Jaguars. In 2008, the band released their opus Third Transmission: Meet Me on Echo Echo Terrace on Graveface Records.

She has also become one of the most prolific voices of contemporary noise pop and shoegaze, contributing vocals to the critically acclaimed Monster Movie’s last three records, and assembling a string of solo releases and collaborations. She first stepped out on her own with a handful of releases under the moniker Rachel Goldstar. She also collaborated with Jessica Bailiff for Eau Claire and later with Matt Bartram, of Air Formation, in The Static Silence.

In years past, she was a member of The Swells, and The Black Angels, and has recorded and performed with many other Austin artists. Currently, she is recording and touring with her husband in All in the Golden Afternoon and completing her first solo LP. In October 2010, Rachel appeared with a reunited Chapterhouse on 4 of their 7 North American tour dates, singing on “Pearl”.

Rachel began as a classically trained clarinetist before exploring composition on other instruments. Although her trademark sound displays her howling guitars teetering on atonal landslides, paired with auspiciously undistracted melodies, she can be heard playing every instrument on many recordings. She utilizes a combination of analog and electronic methods and noises, all of which are tied together by her voice.

In addition to music, Rachel has explored countless artistic avenues and has established a catalog of medium format and other film based photographs, as well as paintings inspired by abstract expressionism.



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