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rachelbussieres / I was born and raised in Quebec City, Canada. With a fine arts diploma and an anthropology degree, I dedicate myself to the study of the human being and its territory. Awarded with a grant from Bourse Millenaire du Canada in 2009, I traveled and worked in India where I developed my artistic approach as a humanist photographer and a visual anthropologist. During the winter 2010, while living in Amsterdam and performing anthropological research, I traveled through Marrocco and produced different photographic serie on the themas of the individual and its space. In 2011, I have started to experiment the fine art of paper making with natural fibers. The paper that I produce now serves as a support medium for my photographs as I continue to expose and publish my work around the world. Like my photographic wanderings, papermaking is a kind of meditative choreography during which I soak my hands in water and explore the powers of nature. Timeless traces, fragments of existence, my images evoke a return to slower movement, reflecting my commitment to the environment and my introspective look at mankind’s passage through the world.

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