• Euro Trip 2011

    written by quaisoir on 2011-05-18
    Euro Trip 2011

    I'm travelling thru some parts of Europe and hoping to catch a lot of great shots and maybe meet some lomo friends along the way. Are you one of them?

  • Adventures of Bob & Me

    written by quaisoir on 2011-03-24
    Adventures of Bob & Me

    Have you seen Bob? is a project by tinlizard to promote their new book. Bob is a a cardboard cut out of a walking guy and is sent to different people all over the world. I got mine recently and I brought Bob to Kuala Lumpur.

  • My disastrous first roll of medium format film

    written by quaisoir on 2010-11-06
    My disastrous first roll of medium format film

    Digged up from my film archives were my first shots on the Holga. Very newbie effort with disastrous results but HEY I learn it the hard way and now although I still suck at medium format, at least I'm not that bad! ;)

  • Test a shot with the Spinner

    written by quaisoir on 2010-11-05
    Test a shot with the Spinner

    How me and some lomographers came up with a Spinner shot.

  • The first entry - My Cameras, My Pets

    written by quaisoir on 2010-10-27

    Get to know my camera's names