• Lomographer for a Day: Andrea S

    written by qrro on 2013-05-04
    Lomographer for a Day: Andrea S

    I know Andrea from work! She studies architecture and she is very curious about everything. So one day, she asked me about that plastic camera, and I decided she could be a nice lomographer. I lent her my LC-A+ loaded with a Fuji Provia 400X so she could easily handle any light situation.

  • LC-A+ RL - RL stands for Real Love!

    written by qrro on 2013-04-03 #gear
    LC-A+ RL - RL stands for Real Love!

    It has the same fun size, light weight, awesome features, super easy focus zones, and vintage look as the LC-A+ BUT! with the amazing original Russian Lens.

  • The Lost City of Machu Picchu

    written by qrro on 2012-02-17 #places
    The Lost City of Machu Picchu

    Two thousand four hundred and thirty meters above sea level, the Incas built this amazing city made entirely of huge rocks, cut out so perfectly that not even a human hair could pass through them. But why? Why all this effort? Just to show the world they could do it?

  • Loading the Lomo LC-A+

    written by qrro on 2011-05-28 #gear #tutorials
    Loading the Lomo LC-A+

    safest way to load your LC-A+ and get some extra shots! Sometimes while you are shooting with your precious LC-A+, the advance wheel gets a bit hard to turn and you start hearing a strange sound like a "crack crack crack" from the inside of the camera.

  • Perfect Focus

    written by qrro on 2011-05-21 #gear #tutorials
    Perfect Focus

    Tired of blurry pics?? You want sharp images?? This is the tipster for you - easy, cheap and effective.