So here is a little secret that you will only know. I LOVE FILMS!!!!!!!!! Oops. Did i tell it out loud? :P Oh well, I guess by now you know that secret and Maybe thats the reason why Im here in this site and word vomiting.

Really guys, tell me whats not to love about films and film cameras? TELL ME. Comment here. PM me. Cause if you have a reason, ill look for a reason why to love this hobby. Now lets go back to why I love film.

Its easy as one, two, three.

Go out and find your soulmate camera. Remember: It can be multiple soulmate. This analog soul we have can love as many camera as you want. Just love them equally. What I meant is use them all. Rotate your camera soulmates. Each gives you an awesome result that you will surely love.

Pick your weapon of mass storage. Meaning: Pick your film. It maybe a BnW, Color Slide or your ever loyal Color Negative. Feeling a little creative? Go out and make your own Redscale. The sky is the limit! Just know what you need and you are ready to roll!

Lock and Load and Search and Be Ready!
Yeah thats a mouthful of words and “and” but you know what I mean. Analog aims you to go out and enjoy the sun. Analog aims you to go out at night and enjoy the moonlight and night breeze. Thats how we roll. No matter what the condition is we can shoot day and night. At certain circumstances we can shoot even if its raining. (wink)

Great Photos are not planned.
Those picturesque moments sometimes need that trigger happy finger of yours. Dont analyze too much. This kind of photography aims you to relax and just let the moment be captured. Those million dollar smile that you are looking for are from those tiny things you might not expect. A text message, maybe? What about you give that person a smile? Who knows shes having a bad day and that smile of yours is all she needs to be ok again. So be free. No rules. (Remember Lomo’s ten golden rule)

Rewind and Wait!
In this fast-phase world we live in, it is nice that we have something to remind us that waiting is still essential in life. Beautiful things comes to those who wait and that’s what we,lomograpghers/analog photographers, are blessed of.

Remember: There is no two exact photograph. So enjoy the moment. Laugh and Live Life. Snap those fears away. Click those connections. Aim for happiness. Rewind and Relax. Keep on Lomo Loving.

written by purpleheaven26 on 2012-08-23