• a lack of time

    written by pulex on 2011-10-01
    a lack of time

    so some of you may have realized that i wasnt very active in this lovely community in the last couple of weeks...theres been some major changes in my life and saddly i cant spend as much time as i want here

  • my first best shot

    written by pulex on 2011-03-25
    my first best shot

    so here is my first best shot

  • The cheapest lomographic workflow?

    written by pulex on 2011-03-24
    The cheapest lomographic workflow?

    so we all are writing blogs today, havent done this for a while cause when it comes to writing im a pretty lazy bastard. just to write something that could help some of you im writing about my workflow...i think you cant do this cheaper!

  • dear Holga

    written by pulex on 2010-12-11
    dear Holga

    i really have tons of cameras and for a long time i thought: No, i dont need Holga, ita an ugly piece of plastic and i already own two dianas so why i should get a holga.

  • do i need therapy

    written by pulex on 2010-11-06
    do i need therapy

    since i started taking photos and collect all kinds of cameras i think i have reached the point of no return.

  • Have you been to the dentist lately?

    written by pulex on 2010-11-04
    Have you been to the dentist lately?

    ha, me neither, but i own a polaroid macro 5 slr i got from a friend whos mother is a dentist!

  • Home Processing

    written by pulex on 2010-11-03
    Home Processing

    I finally did it!! I dont need to go to lab again...and i treat film like i want (push it, Vodka bath, bake it an so on)

  • i feel like tom hanks in cast away

    written by pulex on 2010-10-21
    i feel like tom hanks in cast away

    today i made fire!! i developed four rolls in c-41, two color negative films and two slide films!

  • my first blog ever

    written by pulex on 2010-10-20
    my first blog ever

    i got a horizon perfekt for testing it and i just loaded the second roll!