While taking a walk on Church street, an off shoot lane from Brigade road - the rain had inspired me to take some pictures of the road as I walked down it

Kodak KB10
400 ISO Kodak Colourplus
City Scenes


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    hi priya, i stumbled upon this forum when was looking for test shots of Kodak kb10. this was my first ever camera n found it while cleaning my closet. i own a dslr but like you i wish to see pics in print rather on a digital media. the camera is working fine and this morning i got a new 200 ISO Kodak film roll after roaming at various studios.. i'd like to know in which studio in blore do u get your shots processed? btw this is my machine instagram.com/p/QJ7PSiEBuq/

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    Well I come from Kolkata which is where I get my film developed, but there's a store that does it here where I live in Yelahanka as well.
    I've heard of G.G.Wellings on M.G. Road though which is right next to couch. Its towards Hard Rock side, I have to go there sometime and see how they are.
    My Kodak's mechanism just stopped working because I went travelling and I mustn't have properly packed it. I have to get that fixed. I'm currently looking for Lithium 3v batteries for another anlogue camera I borrowed from an Uncle.
    If you do visit G.G.Wellings, tell me if they have those batteries please :-) Itll be a while before I had towards the city myself.
    Thank you again for the likes :-)
    I hope this helped you a bit. Good Luck as you embark on your analogue adventure, it's really exciting :-D

  4. papuloka
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    Yeah, your pics look sweet and inspiring, n thanks a bit about G G Wellings as well...

    about 3v lithium batteries, i'll dig in.. did you try looking in ebay, you might jus find it there.. however i know a friend who can help me on this.

    I m done shooting that kodak 200 roll, yet to get it developed.. studios in my area told will take a week or more.. hence thought will shoot some more and give all the rolls at once.. Right now, i got a refill with Fuji 400, dunno how this works. Its a real nice feeling when you give time and think before taking pics than clicking randomly just because you got a digi in your hand... but yet its an odd feeling to carry this toy when the whole world is moved on to big guns.

    Btw me stays in Vidyaranyapura - your neighboring area.. we can jam up sometime for photoshoot. let me know if you game.

    meanwhile check this link - not sure if these are the ones u looking for


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    really sorry about your little boy.. hope its in repairable condition or atleast u find candidates to fix :P

    my boy has got a makeover,, i've pasted spongebob stickers all over..

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    Hey, there's a 'whizz' studio on the main road of vidyaranyapura. He's got a stock of 3V Lithium batteries. There are 2 variants, CR2 n CR123. Price abt 430 bucks is what the studio guy told. I gave my films there this morning.

  7. priyankamehta13
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    Spongebob is the shizz. Ah, I got restless and I bought them batteries - though these batteries are 250 bucks a piece :-( Now I'm broke :-P
    Cheaper ones would be better ! Needed Lithium CR123A 3v batteries.
    Yes we should definitely sometime. I have a few others here who are into it as well, it should be fun!
    I shall check out whizz, let me know how the pictures come out, Haven't tried Fuji yet though I have some. I didn't get to take pictures for a while because of the lack of batteries :)

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    yeah, i might get the pics tomorrow, will upload them once i receive.

    i want to play with the flash colors, what did you do to your camera to get those yellow, green red blue pics?

    btw which camera is this which needs 3V batteries? 250 a piece eh, in that case u can buy from this whizz fella, he quoted 430 for a pair. tweet me @sreevathsav if you coming down to my area.

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    abt shizz, well.. those were my niece stickers lying here and there.. just gave them some place to rest