Cooking Viennese Goulash


Viennese Goulash for 4/5 people

*1 kg of beef shank or shoulder, cut into good size cubes
*800 g onion cut into slices
*150 g pork lard (or oil)
*1/16 water with a dash vinegar
*40-50 g sweet paprika
*2 cloves of garlic – finely chopped
*1 tablespoon dried marjoram and caraway
*Tomato sauce (a dash)
*Potatos (as prefer)

Credits: pomps

Sauté the onions in the very hot pork lard (or oil) golden brown while stiring all the time; then add the sweet paprika, stir up and deglaze immediately with vinegar and water.

Credits: pomps

Remember: meat cubic shape :)


Simmer for a moment, add the meat, salt, caraway and marjoram and stew not completely covered.

Credits: pomps

then it´s time to add the chopped garlic

Credits: pomps

The liquid should vanish severall times and each time some water is added. (Do not use too much water as the meat should not be boiled but stewed). Only like this you get the typical brown, rich sauce and the onions get completely brewed which gives the Goulash the thick consistency.

As soon as the meat is tender, add as much water and the tomato sauce until the meat is covered. Then brew the meat slowely about 10 minutes until the red-brown colored fat surfaces.

Credits: pomps

Boil some potatos in another cooking pot. We like to use them with its skin.

Credits: pomps

You should taste if your Goulash is completely cooked and Voilá:

Credits: pomps

You can serve it with bread and a salad. The perfect beverage? No other than Beer!

Credits: pomps

Hope you prepare it and please let me know if you have any doubt about it! Feel free to ask about a recipe for a Dessert ;)

written by pomps on 2011-04-29


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