• LOve & MOtion, Dokumentarfilm über die Lomographie

    written by poepel on 2013-10-21

    An alle deutschen Lomographen. Falls ihr noch nicht die Möglichkeit hattet die ultimative Dokumentation "LOve & MOtion" ,über die Entstehung der Lomographischen Gesellschaft zu sehen....... Jetzt habt ihr die Chance dazu.

  • My first home development

    written by poepel on 2013-03-12
    My first home development

    I've made very first home development with caffenol

  • Oh what a night

    written by poepel on 2013-02-18
    Oh what a night

    inspired by @qrro , I tested a "all night long exposure".

  • Happy Valentine´s day!?

    written by poepel on 2013-02-14
    Happy Valentine´s day!?

    WITH HER, EVERY DAY IS LIKE VALENTINE`S DAY - Mit ihr ist jeder Tag wie Valentinestag

  • On Mondays, I'm so tired.

    written by poepel on 2013-02-04
    On Mondays, I'm so tired.

    You know the problem?? You lie in your bed and suddenly the alarm clock rings. Ohhhhh no. IT IS MONDAY AGAIN. The weekend is over and what's left? Tiredness. Endless tiredness......Every Monday the same. I hate Mondays and I want back in my bed........ NOW!!