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  • They call it chaos, we call it home.

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    Since i will be moving to Paris for university at the end of the summer, I wanted to shoot whether i see or visit in Istanbul. Some photos are just some random shots that I took. They are from streets that I walk, colorful neighbourhoods that I pass by every single day or some of the most famous and historical sides of Istanbul. Here we have lovely people, amazing street foods, helpful locals, incredible history and great architecture. Contrary to the media, we are all safe and sound in Istanbul. I wanted to show you how beautiful Istanbul is and how I'm gonna miss this place that I call home. There are some mix films such as ; expired, redscale and a regular c200.

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    Home made Redscale with Kodak Colorplus 200. Taken almost under 40C bright day in Istanbul - Turkey.

  • Istanbul

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    I can't resist taking photos from the ferry...

  • Istanbul

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    holidays. Again double exposed with some lightpaintings from the Rammstein concert, but I'd prefered them without the lights :/

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    1st day of the new year

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    It took me a while to finish this roll, so the photos are mostly random but I love the colors in them!

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