Cross-processing, double-exposing... over and under exposing...

This cross-processed slide film gave me some interesting results (and some just weird too). Pictures I took from the Corcovado/Cristo Redentor got that kind of purple tone, which I appreciate much, and some got a little bit over-exposed (and some, much). Photos from the Imperial City of Petrópolis got a more natural tone, some slightly under-exposed. Photos taken inside the Museu Histórico Nacional in Rio (the last ones in this album) got the most drastic color alteration, maybe because the very low-light conditions inside there (flashbulbs not aloud), or maybe just because some weird processing error... I'm not sure. But as I was aware of the poor light conditions would interfere on the final result, I took some liberties on these pictures, double exposing and bulb-setting a lot, getting some abstract-esque results.

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