kinocut started as a proof-of-concept that the script @mandi wrote can be ported to an single application running on mac and windows. That’s why kinocut requires Adobe AIR to be installed since it is the technology which enables write applications for mac os x and windows using single source code.

how to install kinocut

  1. install Adobe AIR (version 3.1 or newer) from
  2. download and install kinocut from

how to use kinocut

  1. click “select files” button to add your scans to the list
  2. check “with sprockets” if scanned with sprockets
  3. click start, progress indicator will appear and wait a minute
  4. if everything goes fine and all scans are processed, you will see the save button

kinocut will process scans from the list, file by file. The larger the scans are, the longer it will take to create the movie. Movie frames are detected in left to right order. It won’t work with vertical, top to bottom scans.

Credits: pink-fu

Frame detection works best on bright images, where the black gap between frames is apparent. Dark and noisy frames are hard to differentiate from a gap. kinocut has an “auto-add” functionality where the undetected dark frames are auto added with average frame width. Overlapping images are little bit hard to detect and are in the current version of kinocut simply dropped.

After kinocut detects the frames, it saves them to a temporary folder as a jpeg file with fixed quality (adjustable quality in next kinocut version). All the jpeg files are then rendered to a mp4 movie with fixed frame rate and quality.

I have lot of ideas how to improve the kinocut and make it really useful. Tell me your ideas! Leave me a message, write me an email or file an issue. I look forward to any kind of feedback.

written by pink-fu on 2011-12-17


  1. panpriatel
    panpriatel ·

    toto rad vyskusam!

  2. pink-fu
    pink-fu ·

    uvitam akekolvek testovacie scany. svoje budem mat az po novom roku najskor. cim viac scanov, tym lepsie to budem vediet odladit. dik