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  • Is That a Foot Fetish I See In My Photo Library?

    written by saintempire on 2012-05-04
    Is That a Foot Fetish I See In My Photo Library?

    I recently noticed something odd with my pictures, it seems that i developed a little something for...feet!

  • And my feet again

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    Borrowed LC-A+ RL from nigelk, this roll worked quite well!

  • My shoesies

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    Christmas present from my boyfraan

  • New shoes, old friend

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    First cross processed roll!

  • Gotta have feet

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    Finally finished my doubles with cheeso. Bit over exposed, but there's a few worthwhile shots in here.

  • Little rocks

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    Taking the Diana out for a day in Waikiki :)

  • Browwwn

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    One of my best friends, Gina, turned sixteen! We went to the beach and had a barbecue to celebrate :)

  • Making a LomoKino Video on Ubuntu

    written by tyron_lannister on 2012-02-02 #gear #tutorials
    Making a LomoKino Video on Ubuntu

    To edit a video made with LomoKino, we have seen that it is not difficult for owners of Windows or Apple computers. But what about for those who don't have one or the other? Friends of Ubuntu, this little guide is for you (the software is in Italian I hope that the information is correct for their menus in English).

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    During my sister's family visit to the house, I asked my niece Ayana whose real name is Katrina Ayana to pose for my camera. Not the usual portraits I took of her in the past. Well, I just took pictures of her feet sporting that cute pink nail polish some of which have already faded in color. Asked her to wear different sets of footwear found around the house - even if size bigger than hers. She was happy to oblige as the other members of the family looked in amazement at such crazy idea. Doubled my shots with the image of a sexy star in Philippine showbiz who happens to have the same name (or screen name), Katrina. I love how these two sets of disconnected images fused together. Talk about sexy feet! LOL

  • Shoes

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    Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 is a great film. Photos produced by this film are really saturated. And just like any other x-pro films, only shoot on sunny days and do not use colour flash.

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    my sleepy dog

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    For some reason all or most of the pictures have this really weird light leak right in the middle of every photo... and it's the LC-A+ it never produces light leaks... anybody have a clue of what might be wrong?

  • Cute feet

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    So many feet to meet.

  • Air Force Ones

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  • LomoKino: 144 Frames of Glorious Analogue Movies

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    LomoKino: 144 Frames of Glorious Analogue Movies

    Who would’ve thought that a single roll of 35mm film could give you up to 30 seconds of amazing analogue videos? The LomoKino is more than a video camera--it’s a glorious analogue experience!

  • longboarddd

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  • 2011 - 365 Photo Project

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    02-15 // Hello London! The most beautiful shoes!


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  • Lomo feet

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    LomoManchester day out

  • Feet!

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  • tiles

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    Me, my feet and my birkenstock!

  • feet seminar

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    Dallas Botanical Garden - Fuji RMS x-pro'ed @ISO100

  • the wonders at your feet

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    Lc-a+ | Agfa CT Precisia 100 | xprocess | orange filter

  • rajue

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    Mr. rajue's feet

  • feet and paws

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  • piecitos

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    my feet at the pool

  • Dems my feets

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    Film: Fuji Velvia 100 X-Pro

  • self portrait on beach

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    the first fisheye camera shot.

  • cross .. my feet

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  • Feet

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    All I want to know is if anyone reads these comments. I mean why am I bothering? What's it all for? Does the tree really make a sound. All you have to do is tell me you do read them. I know that's basically me begging for some attention, but, well, yes, yes I am, so why not give it to me?… and then the attention ~Chiaka III Half frame camera ~Elitechrome EPN100

  • feet

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    I wanted to go from Germany to Algeria. Like always, things were getting complicated and you had to adjust smartly to the odds. The possibilities were taking a plane, a ship or do the walk instead of just of talking the talk. I fell in love with the idea to take a ferry from Spain to Algeria. Those are the most common option for most of the Algerians living abroad. The take their cars in England, Finland or Germany, stuff their families and luggage into the vehicles and off it goes to the south of Spain, to Alicante. Therefore it is quite smart to book the tickets a few weeks prior the departure, because the summer is hot and tickets are gone soon. You can book them easily in the internet and then you have to confirm them prior departure. We wanted to go to Oran, which is the second biggest City in the North-African state. And of course you can also use the ferry without a car, you just have to get to the port first. From friends I heard, that sometimes the ships are delayed for about 9 (!) hours. Which is a catastrophe, when you have a plane to catch. The thing is, the customs and border controls always tae a lot of time, when the ship is departing to Europe. And of course it always depends on the mass of travelers how long the whole procedure will take. But hence the same ship goes back and forth all the time and there is just one day of rest, the time you have lost will never be eliminated during the turn of a week. So we are sitting in the departure-hall and the ship is not arriving. We are changing the fixture for our travel back, because we are afraid to lose the flight-connection and then it finally takes off. Our ferry is like a little town on the water. With restaurants Hotel-Rooms and Entertainment-Lounges. For the ones with the cheap tickets you will have to kill about 10 hours of travel on soft chairs or walking around...

  • feet

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  • HollyVision

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  • up

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    swiss 2010

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  • obligatory holiday feet shot

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  • White feet on black sand

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    AMAZING trip to La Réunion for 2 weeks to visit my friends Julie & Yoan...

  • My Feet

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    My shoes are a bit worn but I can't seem to find a new pair I like as much...

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