Go Analogue For a Day Rumble - Weekend Food Market

Food is one of the few things that nourishes my soul.

Salcedo market is my comfort place. It was established in 2004 and has continued to serve foodies like myself with diverse and evolving selection of degustation menu. Who needs technology when I have a more comfortable zone?!

Starting off with my walk to the park (where the weekend market is catered).

I had my eyes rolling with a sight of whatever’s beautiful!!!

As the smoke from the grills was cleared up by the wind, i saw this stunning orange tree creepers. Yes! ORANGE! What the hell right? But whoever hung that thing up the tree is an ARTIST! It was definitely a head turner! (Thinking aloud: Could be a chinese or korean belief).

Entering the park, I knew I went there not for the gourmet meals.. But.. Japanese it is!!! Well, Japanese street food.

Japanese Dimsum!

And so I had the original siomai, japanese siomai (with kani and wrapped with nori), and chicken feet in taosi sauce!.

I sat on the bench just in front of the playground with my Japanese dimsum sampler! Then I saw this irresistible toddler with her nanny shying away herself from my camera :) With the perfect colors on the background, I took a quick shot (Rule# 6 & 7 combo).

Japanese food trip won’t be perfectly complete without TAKOYAKI [a popular ball-shaped Japanese dumpling or more like a savory pancake made of batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan; typically filled with diced or whole baby octopus, tempura scraps (tenkasu), pickled ginger, and green onion, brushed with takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise, and topped with green laver (aonori) and katsuobushi (shavings of dried bonito)]. Sounds yummy right! Well it is!!!

DISCLAIMER: I am about to defend why the picture is blurred. – It takes about 15 mins to cook the takoyaki. A very long wait when the vendor only has 2 – 4×7 pans, chopsticks on both hands, with approximately 10 customers waiting, each ordering 8pcs. I took this picture without bothering them to stop for a pose. Well I should’ve asked them for a one second of fame!!!

I was very full with the stuff that I ate so I decided to take a walk to the office. Yes! Technology is very abundant as I am an engineer. I was about to fall into temptation when………. BOOM!!!!

My friend came in bragging his 160K Death March Run medal!!! He was my savior! Or should I say, his aquathlon attire did the job?! With all the colors he was wearing, it was very impossible for my CMYK not to notice him. They were of the same effin’ colors! hahaha!! And the perfect thing about this photo, it was one of my happy accidents, his head cut off!!! It was a classic shot!

And for my finale. Dragging away from the internet, I went under my station and mingled with the AVRs, sockets, plugs, and UPS. >:)

Credits: pic_maithai

Solitary Saturday at the weekend food market was a bliss!! Doing the challenge though on a regular basis is FATTENING!!!!! :))))

written by pic_maithai on 2011-03-14