New kid is sick

There’s a new kid on the block a brash whipper snapper that goes by the name of Fisheye 2. This little fellow punches above his weight with the quality of pictures he produces. I’m not sure why I am surprised at this. I can only think that my view of the toy camera market has been tainted by the ‘I would not give it house room’ merchants. It has and I’m pleased. It is another bit of imaging kit that allows a further string to the creative bow.

So lets take him out to play. First off, you need to feed him. “What roll would you like?” He chose to get his teeth into a helping of colour negative. “Now slow down! Otherwise you will choke if you carry on taking pictures at that rate. Give yourself time to digest and think, It will make for better pictures”. He did. After a flurry of single exposures he started to gobble down some double exposures. Now the confidence was running wild with some triple and quadruple takes. “Take it easy you’ll make your self sick!” – and he did with a number of frames being thrown up as totally over exposed.

Sometimes it’s good to get away from all those decisions an SLR brings to the picture taking process. Just concentrating on the composition is unexpectedly liberating knowing that if it all go’s wrong it is a minds eye fault and not a technical one.

Talking of technicalities to make any part or subject stand out in the picture you have to get super close; by that I mean almost standing on it’s head. When taking double exposures pair them carefully as the first one you make will dominate the second one.

written by photomi7ch on 2012-10-02