Berceni Neubauten Or How I Discovered That I Have A Photo Project (Watch Out! You Might Have One Too!)

I always (well, almost) prepare my cameras at home before I go out in the streets to photograph. “Is the camera still working? Is it loaded? Man, where are those batteries?” and so on. After I load the camera with fresh film (for rotten photos) I take a look out of my window and shoot the first frame. No artistic impressions, ignore the weather conditions, day or night, just shoot.

The name of this project is “Berceni Neubauten”. It comes from the district I live in Bucharest (Berceni) and the architectural style that is predominant here (new buildings constructed in Romania after 1945 during the Communist era). The German word “Neubauten” translates “new buildings” in English and it is also part of the name of one my favorite bands: Einstürzende Neubauten. The Communist era ended but its spirit is still alive in our society.

And so I discovered that I have quite a collection that one day might become a photo project.
To be continued …

Also check out murhaaya’s project: that inspired me. ;)

written by photochrom on 2011-03-24