Photo-Poetry: About Me

Credits: pearlsphere-kameraliebe

My name is Pearly,
Welcome to my world.
I love photography,
And the wonders it told.

It began with a Canon camera
Packed with a roll of 135 film.
He will be later known as THE OWL
Telling stories from memories’ realm.

Years passed by
Bringing an Olympus on my way.
He will be known as Falcon
For seven years he stayed.

Falcon taught me
The basics of photography.
Till this day he still whispers
Wisdom and knowledge from the masters.

As time marched on,
Another Olympus camera arrived.
He will be known as Karl
A mirror of Falcon.

As I entered my first year of university
I was given a DSLR for my seniority.
With much thought, I named her Rubi
Because she is precious, obviously!

Not long after Rubi,
My entourage was joined by another.
Her name is Diana
The queen of Lomography.

With Diana by my side,
She taught me poetry
Written through colours
And off-focused imagery.

written by pearlsphere-kameraliebe on 2012-07-13

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