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  • TEN AND ONE Competitions 2016 Recap: Instant

    written by Lomography on 2016-12-14 #news
    TEN AND ONE Competitions 2016 Recap: Instant

    People love competitions and Lomographers are no different. But more than a search for standout photographs, the TEN AND ONE Annual Competition celebrated the community's shared love for photography and its power to create enduring stories. This list by no means set a conclusive standard on what makes an image good or not. But nonetheless, we're proud to introduce the photographs that took the top spot in the Instant category.

  • Niigata

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    Naoetsu Station and "KINARE" Art Museum.

  • Echigo-Tsumari Art Field

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    Echigo-Tsumari Art Field in Niigata

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    Had to do some tech service for a lecture; typically do. Switched mid roll from my FT2 over to my F3 when I found a spider in my room. >.> little blurry needed more light; but I wanted to try out my new DW-4.

  • Spring

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    #Corfu #Greece #Spring

  • Summertime, Rainy day

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    #Summertime # rainy day # Ioannina

  • The Win Your Wishlist Rumble is Back!

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    The Win Your Wishlist Rumble is Back!

    Join our rumble and get a chance to win your dream item from Lomography!

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  • Anne Hollond On Vacation with her Lomo'Instant

    written by cecilialeitinger on 2015-08-27 #gear #people
    Anne Hollond On Vacation with her Lomo'Instant

    Anna Hollond got her fist camera on her 10th birthday, and she hasn't stopped carrying a camera ever since. About a year ago, she sought to document her memories for her journal but didn't want to do so digitally, and got her first Lomography camera. Next thing she knew, she had a trove of instant cameras, as well as a knack for instant photography.

  • Exposure Therapy: An Interview with Edie Sunday

    written by Teresa Sutter on 2016-05-07 #people
    Exposure Therapy: An Interview with Edie Sunday

    Edie Sunday's images are mystical, dreamy and intimate. The 26 year-old photographer, who has been fascinated by film since a very young age, draws inspiration from the female form and explores a realm between the conscious and the unconscious by playing with color and light.

  • Out of the Blue

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    It's been a while...

  • Turquoise EBS in summer

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    Turquoise EBS (Exposing both sides of the film). I had no idea what colors would appear when reversing Lomography Turquoise XR100-400. Upper half is normal side, lower half is reversed side. Turned out so blue! Should I call it bluescale? ISO200 for normal side, 100 for reversed side.

  • Out of the Blue

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    It's been a while...

  • Magic Konstruktor F

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    My new Konstruktor F

  • Sensia Autumn

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    Autumn with Zenit-E with Helios 44-2 and expired Fujichrome Sensia 100. Thank you so much for the Sensia, my dear @schugger! :-) I absolutely love the colors! :-)

  • Sensia Autumn

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    Autumn with Zenit-E with Helios 44-2 and expired Fujichrome Sensia 100. Thank you so much for the Sensia, my dear @schugger! :-) I absolutely love the colors! :-)

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    Purim-when the young orthodox get dressed up colorful and the grownup hasidims get drunk

  • Fun fair Nijmegen

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    The sun was really bright and as the Elitechrome as well as my Horizon tend to overexpose I underexposed those by one step.

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    Wanted to take pictures.

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  • Aizhan for

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    I was stranded in Kasakhstan with plenty of time on my hand. But suddenly I bumped into the charming Aizhan Bekmukhamedova, who is running the fashion web-portal in Almaty. I asked her, if she would help me to organize a local fashion-shooting and within hours she came up with a handful of great models. This will be the second album of this series.

  • Follow the white Icebear (Svalbard #13)

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    Even though you could possible see polar bears in svalbard, as they are the original habitants of the island, there are only few, who actually had real encounters. But no worries. You definitely have a rendevouz with the white predator at the airport in Longyearbyen in 2D or in realz but deadz...

  • Closing Circle (Burkina/ Benin #34)

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    I couldn't be kept away from the shutter while traversing through the Parc Pendjari with Stéphane. Honestly, nothing much happend, but I tried to be creative, using different cmaeras and films. And as Vicuna came to africa a mere third time, I thought I ought to tackle this previously untouched album...

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    Lake District , Harrogate + few pics in London

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    Delta 100 Shot on Nikon fm3a 28mm

  • Madrid and Barcelona in B&W

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    A few B&W photos from Madrid and Barcelona.

  • Photo Collage Optical Illusion

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  • Winter week-end

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    With snow. Pleasure give. Spring flowers. Cakes and lights.

  • The murderer is always the gardener

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    #35mm #blackandwhite #120 #silvergelatinprint #portraiture #naturallight

  • dichromacy

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    Lomochrome Turquoise test shots in Miami, the Bahamas, London and in the Italian Alps

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  • Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals

    written by Teresa Sutter on 2016-02-06 #people #places
    Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals

    Architectural photographer Christopher Payne takes us on a historical journey through the abandoned psychiatric hospitals that were once a distinctive feature of the American landscape.

  • Going Under (Svalbard #11)

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    It might have been the hardest photographic conditions ever in the polar station of Ny Ålesund. Because of the polar night in November, there was only glimpses of light around noon, Other than that only darkness and the lights of the buildings in the worlds northermost settlement. I was taking my free saturday to walk around and to take shots. As i was limited to only little weight on my trip, I had to decide which cameras i can take. For panoramics I decided for the XPAN and the very wide wide wide 30mm lens. Because I knew I had to expose the hell out of the frame, with swing lenses you just have a limit on exposure times. For the landscape picture I might have exposed the picture up to 4 minutes. But it was cold and windy and did I mention cold? So I had set the distance, the frame and aperture in darkness. I used a gorillapod with a release cable and because of the low level and the darkness I had to assume and guess the distance to the objects. I was a game of trial and error. I learned a lot. I am grateful!

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    Everybody knowns atria007, check her amazing home! Thank you so much Mery, I had a lot of fun with you! :))

  • Coney Island and Tuna Subs

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    Went on an expedition with other Lomographers to Coney Island, on the Northeastern side of Singapore. Its original name was Pulau Serangoon and it was a family picnic spot. It was abandoned for many years and when the Singapore government decided to develop the Northeast for housing, it was turned into a nature reserve park. You can now cycle through Coney Island and there is even a lone cow (???) wandering around somewhere on the island. There are also many fields of wild grasses known as lalang which are great for taking photos.

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    I have scanned these pictures from my old aunt's stash

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    #Diana #Turquoise #winter

  • Long Exposure

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  • Weltreise

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    more information at

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    Pacific Time