• LomoHike Pt.2

    written by paulm99 on 2013-06-23
    LomoHike Pt.2

    2nd part of our LomoHike

  • LomoJungle

    written by paulm99 on 2013-06-13

    Last weekend, my friends an I went to the zoo; to Frankfurt Zoo because they have a tiger baby :)

  • LomoHike

    written by paulm99 on 2013-06-11

    Why don't you go hiking? You can see nice places, you'd never reach with car,bike...

  • LomoLocation: Trainyard

    written by paulm99 on 2013-05-22
    LomoLocation: Trainyard

    Today, I just want to show, how much fun you can have at a trainyard. But keep in your mind, it`s not a playground! ;)

  • My camera collection (so far)

    written by paulm99 on 2013-04-03
    My camera collection (so far)

    Hey friends, today I want to show you my camera collection.