• What to Eat During Heat Waves? 5 Most Important Rules to Remember

    written by paulinemarshall on 2017-02-13

    During heat waves, our bodies have a hefty workload. Then the sun is burning out, often we lose our appetite or even if we don’t, after eating something we feel dull and tired. Sometimes – ever worse – stomach stops working in general, and we get all cranky.

  • Mistakes you should not make while traveling solo

    written by paulinemarshall on 2017-01-23

    While traveling solo, we have a number of concerns and it is important for us to keep track of each and everything that is related to our travel.

  • What changes should you make in the year 2017?

    written by paulinemarshall on 2017-01-11

    2016 was a busy year, and we all know that it was extremely difficult for us to determine whether we have made the right decisions in 2016 or not.

  • Smart ways to live in 2017

    written by paulinemarshall on 2016-12-13

    In 2016, we have practiced a number of ways in which we can enjoy our lives and ensure that each and every move with it will only help us find different opportunities, especially the ones we got during this year’s Black Friday sales that made us feel comfortable.

  • Enjoying your time in Rome

    written by paulinemarshall on 2016-11-19

    Rome is a place where you can get the best combo of amazing food, gorgeous sights and amazing things to capture. Carry your camera at all times, and you should get an additional memory card too!