pattyequalsawesome: The Borrower Of Cameras No More (Maybe)


I started out with Lomography back in early 2009—I think I attended golfpunkgirl’s wedding and I saw all these funky cameras that a couple of people were carrying. I got curious and asked around even more, researched on the internet, and even borrowed a friend’s Holga. I remember not knowing about how light would affect my shots and I kept clicking indoors. That was a fun learning experience though!

Credits: pattyequalsawesome

I was happy with the shots but I wanted to be better and I wanted to know more so I decided to borrow another camera from a friend. This time, it was the Fisheye. It was perfect since we were going on a couple of trips out of town! I remember thinking to myself, film is fun. I loved the anticipation and not knowing what my shots were until I had them processed in the lab! Here are some of my first ever shots from the Fisheye (I’ll post more photos of the trip in another blog. Or perhaps a Lomo Location!)

Credits: pattyequalsawesome

So, that’s two cameras on my borrowing list: Holga and Fisheye. Finally, after a couple of weeks of trying those out, I bought more film (all C-41) and my first ever analogue cameras: a Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim and a Micro Holga from Jennie Castillo (you can find her on

I started shooting and trying out what would work well with what. After a few rolls, I fancied the Viv so much and I learned more on what kind of shots to take and what kind of light I needed. (Sometimes I still didn’t think, I just went out and shot stuff! Golden Rules, baby!) Also, I got to read up more on the ASA and ISO things (I’m also a digital photographer), film speed, slide film and multiple exposures. I also found—and got introduced to a whole new world of film and analogue cameras! Anyway, fast forward to June 2009. I was invited to the 25th Anniversary of the beloved LC-A camera in Baguio, Philippines.

It was during this time that I met people from LomoManila and got to talk to people who have been into lomography for quite a while now. I saw sooooooo many cameras, I wanted to try them all! The famous person from Lomography Gallery London, golfpunkgirl, was there in the party, and she let me borrow one of her LC-A+ cameras. Again, yes, I’m a borrower heehee. Because of her, I got this shot:

Credits: pattyequalsawesome

And because of this shot, I became a borrower of cameras no more. Well, almost.

Want to know what happened??? You’ll know pretty soon! Watch out for my next blog post! :)


written by pattyequalsawesome on 2011-01-21


  1. sami-san
    sami-san ·

    yeah i remember clearly when you started out with borrowing pa and look where you are!!

  2. pattyequalsawesome
    pattyequalsawesome ·

    Thank you Sammy! <3 praise God for all this, really. I wonder where I'll be in a few months' time!