• Blessings in Bataan

    written by pattyequalsawesome on 2011-03-19 #places
    Blessings in Bataan

    It was May 2009, I met up with a group of friends in our church lobby and set off to a weekend filled with blessings, love, and bonding with our brothers and sisters in Christ - and something else that we did not expect.

  • Fun, Fresh, Fierce and Fisheye!

    written by pattyequalsawesome on 2011-02-27 #places
    Fun, Fresh, Fierce and Fisheye!

    More than a tongue twister title, this Lomo Location is about my trip to a private beach house back in 2009. With new friends, a gorgeous place, and everyone just desiring to take off some steam from the stress of college life, it was the perfect beach weekend getaway. Our adventures took place in Matabungkay, Philippines.