scanning slides. am i too stupid?


I’m new at cross processing and scanning.
But somehow I have the impression, that the resultes vary a lot.

So, here’s the problem:
My home-scanned slide positives are much more “overexposed”.
And the pictures I get from the lab look totaly different.
They are darker and the things or people in the picture are plainly visible.

Is this normal? I mean do prints always vary from scans?

Please help me! or tell me if you have the same problem!
I sat today 5 hours infront of my laptop and scanner to solve the problem.

Thanks and regards


written by patriciapetunia on 2011-02-08


  1. rav_bunneh
    rav_bunneh ·

    As much as we like to think the lab just develops and prints the film it isn't the case. The have software and lab people that adjust the levels. When we scan ourselves we have to do it all ourself or leave it to whatever our scanner software thinks is right. It can be daunting, but fun.

  2. falsedigital
    falsedigital ·

    Depends on what scanner and software you're using. Personally, I recommend getting the program Vuescan and using that instead of your default scanning program. It allows you full manual control over your scans. If you choose to allow your default software to automatically do everything you'll run into problems quite a lot. Especially if they're cross processed.

  3. patriciapetunia
    patriciapetunia ·

    well i use a canon 4200F and no scanning program, i'll look for the vuescan, thank you!
    but is there a possibility to get the one "correct" picture?

  4. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    Meines Wissens nach gibt es bei jedem Scanner die Möglichkeit, die automatische Korrektur der Belichtung auszuschalten, bzw auch jede andere automatische Korrektur. Dies hat dann zur Folge dass du die negative so wie wirklich sind scannst.
    Dies unterscheidet sich sehr von dem, was du vom Labor als Abzug kriegst, denn die machen die Abzüge "verbraucherfreundlich", sprich die Belichtung ist korrigiert, die kontraste, farbwiedergabe usw.
    Dein Ausweg ist dann zu scannen und dein Bild "ich-freundlich" zu machen, also es so zu gestalten wie du für richtig hälst.