A Lomowalk With Disdis in Sopelana, Spain


I was introduced to lomography last 2008. During this year, I was totally awed by the saturated colors and vivid hues produced by lomography cameras. After all the film and camera reviews, the first feature I did was to continue the Interview A Friend Series which was introduced by the lomography community – where a lomographer randomly chooses another one to be interviewed about his analog lifestyle.

Credits: disdis

Disdis was one of the most active lomographers during that time, and until this day – he has continued to show the community his surreal photos and evolve as one of the better lomographers around. Hence, he was naturally a candidate to be interviewed for this series. If you want to know more about Disdis – head on to this interview page.

During that time, I was working and residing in the tiny island of Singapore. Exactly 6961.2 Miles away from Central Bilbao – where I am currently residing. Little did I know that one day, we’ll cross our paths and head to a lomowalk journey somewhere around Sopelana, Spain.

We arranged to meet somewhere around Alhondiga last early March 2011. The first time I saw Disdis, I realized that he was “that” guy wearing the same Lomo Sidekick Bag as I am.

Credits: panelomo

Disdis, Mrs. Panelomo and I drove outside Bilbao on our way to Sopelana. Less than an hour away, we realized that there’s a hidden paradise in Basque Country called La Salvaje. This wild beach is a sight to behold. Although most ideal activities here include swimming, surfing, and hang-gliding – you’ll never realize that it is also a haven for naturism.

Well, this was supposed to be short story, so enough reading – and enjoy the beautiful photos from this journey with Disdis and Mrs. Panelomo.

Credits: panelomo

More photos can be found at Disdis' latest album entry

Hasta Luego!

written by panelomo on 2011-03-24


  1. disdis
    disdis ·

    It's an honour to be in your blog Jay but it's even better I had the opportunity to meet you both of you! You are sincerely very very nice people!

  2. cripeka
    cripeka ·

    hey! why didn´t you tell me? Sopelana, La Salvaje, Arrigunaga, La Galea, this all are my favourite places all over the world!!! Let´s do it again and give me a call!