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Wow, a Lomo blog! I’m not sure how much I’ll stay on top of this but I’ll have a try. Thought I might tell you about one of my favourite photos in my Lomography collection.

Credits: panchoballard

My girlfriend and I had been walking on a glorious morning in the Lake District, UK. The scenery was breathtaking and the weather was fine, warm and sunny. When we reached Rydal Water, we sat on a bench to eat and rest our weary legs.

This couple came and sat down on the grass in front of us. Looking at them I was amazed at how perfect their positioning was and quickly loaded a fresh roll of film (Fuji Pro400H) into my Holga and took this one shot.

When I finally got the negatives back and scanned it, I couldn’t believe how well it turned out. Not many people comment on this photo but for me it’s in my Top Five of my own shots.

I still wonder what their names are…

written by panchoballard on 2010-11-04

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  1. snug
    snug ·

    I can visualise two stories about that couple, in one they are either arguing or forlorn... and in the other they are just happy to be peacefully taking in the view!