Outseiter Namenlos. Feeling like an outsider of the world, and never fitting in it. Taking photos is all my life, and that's how I love the world.

My real name is Yun-Chen. I come from Taiwan, and I am living in Taipei now. I always call myself Outseiter Namenlos (it's german, which means nameless outsider ). From birth to now, I feel like an outsider of this world. As an outsider, I don't feel like fitting in it and that's why I am determined to take my camera, to take as many pictures as I can, and through it to say something without any word also be myself. Behind the lens, I'm always honest and silent. If I want to share any idea with others, just simply press the shutter of my camera, and that's it.

That is how I love this world. Hope all of you like my photos.

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