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  3. oohmasha
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    @an4 thx! :)

  4. oohmasha
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    @logos Спасибо!

  5. stereograph
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    think about spam! three pix and a patreon link! ???

  6. oohmasha
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    @stereograph yeah, its a link to my patreon! Why should this be spam? I started the profile yesterday, so there are just 3 pics so far. Follow me and stay tuned for more ;)

  7. stereograph
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    @oohmasha its begging!

  8. oohmasha
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    @stereograph yeah, its hard to be a photographer nowadays! And I am happy about all the support I can get (especially in the current situation) ...so if people like my stuff and are curious for more, they can support me. But I didn't write you a message asking you for money?! I just display my pictures here. I see no begging! You could have just ignored the link and enjoyed the pic!
    But hey, I got the message. I won't link my patreon here in my pics again.

  9. emilianovittoriosi
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    Hey we would invite you for one or more of our Editorial Publications - you can visit our actual project here: www.beexproject.com/editorial-publication/ and send us a email to berlinexplorerproject@gmail.com

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