• Lomokino experience...

    written by onglsd on 2012-02-02

    Remember the post "The Experiment"? I am glad to present the overall end raw footage of the reel and the creative process of the end product.

  • 10th Roll of Holga

    written by onglsd on 2012-01-18
    10th Roll of Holga

    Celebrating the best of 10th roll of the films shot in Holga 120N

  • The Experiment...

    written by onglsd on 2012-01-16

    A documentation in attempting an experiment on Lomokino with Holga 15B Flash

  • My First Lomography Camera Encounter

    written by onglsd on 2012-01-13
    My First Lomography Camera Encounter

    Sharing my first personal Experience as a Lomographer 2 years ago. Holding a Holga 120N since 2010.