wish you were here -- September 4, 2021

Soaked in seawater. Home developed in Compard Digibase C41


  1. stereograph
    stereograph ·

    super cool!

  2. ofchanceandchoice
    ofchanceandchoice ·

    @stereograph Thank you <3 I will keep trying until I can align them correctly...

  3. fartstorm
    fartstorm ·

    I've started choosing locations with easily framed landmarks (tree, rock, post, building, etc) to help with the overlap when using this technique. Also, I use my switch that's visible in the viewfinder to get a consistent horizon line.

  4. ofchanceandchoice
    ofchanceandchoice ·

    @fartstorm That’s useful advice, thank you. It’s just something about this beach…

  5. stereograph
    stereograph ·

    @ofchanceandchoice but don't get to precise! its killing the Lo-Fi aspect! ;-)

  6. ofchanceandchoice
    ofchanceandchoice ·

    @stereograph I don't think I run the risk of being too precise ;-)

  7. stereograph
    stereograph ·

    @ofchanceandchoice :-) ah! Good to know!

  8. ofchanceandchoice
    ofchanceandchoice ·

    @doggydays Thank you!

  9. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·


  10. ofchanceandchoice
    ofchanceandchoice ·

    @steamtug1959 Thank you!

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