Make up your mind, photolab!

I knew that about half of my pictures wouldn’t be printed because, well, I’m not such a good photographer and I always forget to think about the light before I take a picture.

I immediately knew what was going on but decided to pay and not say anything. At home I opened the envelop and saw, indeed, 38 pictures. One on every print.
I still don’t know if I think this is an advantage or not. I could have gone back and say “wait, there are supposed to be 2 pictures in 1 print”, but on the other hand, I can just use this camera to get 72 full size pictures out of a 36 roll of film!
Maybe I’m too much of a cheap-ass. I guess next time I will put a note on the envelope before handing in my film. A lot of pictures I had taken while having in mind they would be next to another. So now I have a lot of pictures. I have a picture of a trea – boring. I have a picture of a lake – boring. But what if I’d have had a picture of a trea, next to a picture of a lake, next to eachother? I guess the charm of the TIM gets lost when printing all pictures on a different print.
A friend of mine handed in her roll of pictures from the TIM in the same lab. She got them as they’re supposed to be. Make up your mind, photolab!

Credits: odjur

written by odjur on 2011-03-24