Towering Friendship

This is my absolute favourite photo of mine. It is just a close up of my friends hands on the underground in Vienna, but lights a fire that melts my mind back to hazy memories of those few days that one Summer. This was my first ever film that I shot on my Nikon FM2 that I had just bought from my school as they were closing down their darkroom. I was so proud that this camera was now mine, and carried it with me all around the city, although I hardly took any photos as I was so nervous and intimidated by using film.

I remember that I almost didn't take this photo, I looked through my viewfinder and saw that there wasn't enough light and I didn't want to waste a frame. But I clicked the shutter on impulse and I am so glad I did. This photo reminds me not only of an amazing holiday with friends, but also encourages me to be impulsive with my photos, to snap away, to not be afraid about taking a bad photo, because if you worry too much you will miss out.

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