Cat Lovers in Japan - My Favorite Cat Photos #1


I frequently check the tag of “cat” at lomography and enjoy so cute and lovely cats photos of all over the world! This time, I select some photos from my favorite Japanese lomographers’. I hope you love them, too!

I really love jabuka’s unique, witty and lovely creation. Mike is one of the cutest model!

Credits: jabuka

These 6×6s tell a story of the brother cats…

Credits: alps

How does he take these photos such closer to them? Maybe cats also love him…

Credits: cryve

Super cute photos of her daughter and cat! This Siamese seems like elder sister to her.

Credits: gyaza

Handsome cats again.

Credits: suke

zizixxx’s cats photos always make me happy and feel at ease.. . Every cat talks to me so friendly.

Credits: zizixxx

It is so difficult to pick up only 4 or 5 photos from piropiro’s creations… Sometimes it is calm in peace, sometimes it is severe, sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is pity. But all of them inspires me to take better shot!

Credits: piropiro

They have more cat photos in their lomohomes! If you love any of these photos, please visit there!

written by npkishi on 2012-03-31


  1. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    Where are your cats?

  2. npkishi
    npkishi ·

    @emperotnorton wow... I forgot because there were too many wonderful cat photos on lomosite!