• LomoRun VII: Vilnius

    written by nostalgina on 2012-11-24
    LomoRun VII: Vilnius

    Vilnius, the baroque therapy after Minsk, well deserved and appreciated. Little streets and history all over it. Also the first snow and frost, way too early.

  • LomoRun VI: Minsk

    written by nostalgina on 2012-11-24
    LomoRun VI: Minsk

    Minsk, what did I expect? Having read that Minsk was mostly ruined in the WWII, and re-built in the 50s in stalinist style, I expected grayness, concrete and a healthy dose of depression. As the LP says, whatever you expect, you will most likely be surprised. Sounds about right.

  • LomoRun V: Helsinki

    written by nostalgina on 2012-11-05
    LomoRun V: Helsinki

    The LomoRun in Helsinki was an utter fail. First, I actually was not able to find any time at all to take diana around in the three days I was there. Not early morning, not late night, nada. Second, I didn't have a tripod with me, which, given diana's light needs meant significantly reduced likelihood of success. And third, my film didn't roll on properly, so massive light leaks ensued.

  • LomoRun IV: Prague

    written by nostalgina on 2012-09-12
    LomoRun IV: Prague

    Prague was not actually supposed to be a lomorun, it was supposed to be a vacation, sort of a long leisurely weekend. But then I had lots of work to do anyway, and didn't really manage to lazily stroll through the streets as I had hoped, so a lomorun it was.

  • LomoRun III: Brussels

    written by nostalgina on 2012-08-18
    LomoRun III: Brussels

    In Brussels, it's always a run. It's also a bit of a love-hate relationship, more of the latter though, because lets face it, Brussels does not have much charm. But it does have the chocolatiers, which gives it some plus points. It also has a bit of an edge.

  • Twin Lens Reflex camera - did it myself!

    written by nostalgina on 2012-08-03
    Twin Lens Reflex camera - did it myself!

    This beauty was on my wishlist for some time, after I saw some of the beautiful pictures taken by others with it. And not only that - it's practically dirt-cheap AND you get to assemble it yourself down to the last tiny screw! What's not to love?

  • LomoRun II: London

    written by nostalgina on 2012-07-15
    LomoRun II: London

    LomoRun number two nowhere else than in my favorite city of London. I used to live in London for quite some time, so I was not too sorry that I only had the time for a quick run this time. But it did make me miss it more, that's for sure.

  • LomoRun I: Copenhagen

    written by nostalgina on 2012-07-10
    LomoRun I: Copenhagen

    Everyone goes for lomowalks but I am fine-tuning the art of lomoruns. Do you have just one night in a foreign city? Grab your trusty lomocamera and run; you can have it all. (And technically speaking, you don’t actually run.)