• Laboe - color filter

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  • istanbul mood

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    taking a stroll around istanbul's populer spots.


    shared by blueskyandhardrock on 2013-03-11

    my cousin, a figure skater who practices on the ice and works-out everyday, spent half of the day running on the beach during her shoot... poor old me, who barely works out, had to chase her around on sand and sharp rocks with three cameras while the sun was beating down on us... i got home and had to pass out from exhaustion... the results aren't as sharp since i barely had time to adjust the focus but i like the results anyway!

  • Tiger & Turtle

    shared by gepo1303 on 2012-05-27

    The roller coaster walkway Tiger &Turtle - Magic Mountain is a work by sculptors Ulrich Genth and Heike Mutter. It is located on the Heinrich Hildebrand Höhe in Duisburg Wanheim.

  • June 2012: Polaroid emulsion lift combined with…

    shared by laurasulilly on 2012-07-14

    My new Polaroid SX-70 arrived today and it came with all kinds of fancy accessoires like a close up lens and cable release. Last night, I read about the transparencies technique, so first thing I did after unpacking was to take a test shot, peel off the transparent layer and combine it with an old Polaroid emulsion lift: bottom is brighton beach, top is flower pedals. I like how the flower pedals seem to grow out of the sky, but I know that there's a long way to go till I'll be able to get really satisfying Polaroid doubles- but hey, it's my first try.... Has been featured on The Impossible Project's official Facebook Page

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    i make a lomosession to Javihacefotos..he is a nice lomographer and great Friend..thanksss Javi!!!! visit his lomohome is increible!!!

  • Lomo Walk with @waggrad00 @lindsey-richardson-16…

    shared by kibs on 2014-05-10

    Had a great redscale workshop with friends and a wonderful walk around Wicker Park using up a roll on some very photogenic subjects. Of course I need to get that redscale roll developed. But I'm getting caught up soon, I promise!

  • city in the sky

    shared by fotobes on 2014-06-24

    recent adventures around sussex and london, including a visit from lomography hero @gocchin ..

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    Want to see more Website: Join us on facebook: Join us on Flickr:

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  • Dobles en la pecera con danielmtong

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  • Diana Mini

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  • 秋の嵐山 -Kyoto in autumn

    shared by hodachrome on 2013-12-01

  • Inishshark Aerochrome

    shared by furn7973 on 2014-06-30

    Inishshark is a small island just off the coast close to where I live. The entire population of the island was evacuated to the mainland in 1960 leaving behind homes, school and church to be eroded by the elements. The conditions and scenery was just right to use my last roll of aerochrome that I had been saving for the right occasion. I don't think I will be shooting with aerochrome again as the price is getting out of my reach. C'mon Kodak, you know how to make it, why don't you knock out a few rolls and make us all happy?

  • Malta

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  • 30th Lomo L-CA Anniversary!

    shared by antiox on 2014-06-24

    Celebration of the iconic L-CA's 30th birthday at the Lomography Embassy Singapore. A day before the party, I shot the entire roll with galaxy / nebula high-resolution wallpapers using my laptop and tv. Rewound and shot the same roll at the party. :)

  • Portraitsession in Kassel..

    shared by pearlgirl77 on 2014-07-01

    .... mitten in der Nacht um 2 - 3 Uhr.. O.O danke an meine Models :P

  • #19526522

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    A few with the Diana last Month

  • Front Door

    shared by akula on 2014-06-29

    Walk through used construction supply yard. Shot with a Lomo LC-Wide using the half frame setting without the mask inside the camera.

  • kelor island

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  • #19681123

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    You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with

  • Hamburg-Berlin non-stop

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  • #19814211

    shared by alienmeatsack on 2014-07-14

    Roll 2 of assorted night shots taken on outing with my friend @forceusr and his wife. I shot this roll at box speed and let the LC-W sus out the shutter speeds. I accidentally hit the focus lever at one point and shot a few with it on close focus, but the rest were shot normally on a tripod. No filter was used.

  • *

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  • Try Lightpainting with Diana Mini

    shared by fadjaradiputra on 2014-01-28

    Not really good, but it's first try, I hope get better painting next time ;)

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  • B&W Brighton

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  • double exposure

    shared by hervinsyah on 2012-07-26

    night and day --- I use this photo at article

  • Walk with Vilia..

    shared by gotoarizona on 2012-06-12

    It's first attempt to make redscale+normal doubles. Not very good results.. But i'll try again it later..)

  • Hippo.

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  • Space Jesus

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  • Fish FishEye

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    Trio with fish eye

  • the park series - crazy light of a bike

    shared by bloomchen on 2014-07-25

    a few days ago i stepped on my balcony and saw that the sky in the evening over the park was rosa, blue and purple. so i quick grabbed my cams and went to the park with the bridges as background i thought i can take cool urban shots. unfortunately i was about 10 or 15 minutes too late because the colourful sky was gone by the time i reached my desired spot. but i did not want to leave without taking pics. so i thought i give the double exposure experiment a chance where you take one layer in "out of focus" and blurry and then the same spot in sharp for the second layer. and even though the sharpness does not overlap - it can not with nightshots due to simple technical reasons - it looks dope i think. i am very happy with the painting-effect it gives the pics. hope you like it too.

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  • #15870682

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  • 街のポートレート -urban portrait

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    Double exposure


    shared by math0165 on 2014-07-27

    Installation at Artefact2014 - on top of the IMEC building

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    Walking around Hamburg with @freakoftheweek & @hafenperle :D

  • 1 roll for Diana is never enough

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  • Waiotapu Geothermal Wonderland

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  • 1 roll for Diana is never enough

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  • Laboe - color filter

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  • just a film soup

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  • above the coulds

    shared by chesnokova on 2014-06-17

    A nice walk through the clouds to find some snow with my lovely friend, zenit and expired film.

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