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  • Olympus why does your meter lie to me

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    Although over im happy with the results i love the camera and its nice and easy to use, even though i rated the film a stop lower at 200 ISO the film appears to still over exposed! either way me and the misses went on a camping holiday to cornwall enjoy :)

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    The film advance is totaly busted and i don't know why -_- while winding the film on the 3rd wind clicks and advances to the next frame... to i end up winding though half the roll and it not advancing properly at all so i lost alot of good shots. I think i need to replace my holga :(

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  • SXSW 2012 Street Scenes

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    SXSW 2012 attracted 25,000 to Austin, Texas this year. The streets were packed with music-goers, and some characters.

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  • Velvia

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    I took most of these photos at the lomo roadshow in Manchester in May.

  • The Holga Mod: Modifying the Aperture Settings

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    The Holga Mod: Modifying the Aperture Settings

    If you are a hardcore Holga fan or have already taken the time to look up some sites featuring Holga mods and hacks (or to take apart your camera for that matter), you will know that the Holga, despite sporting a switch for two different aperture settings for sunny and cloudy conditions, only features one aperture. This is due to the fact that switching from cloudy to sunny causes an arm to slide in front of the lens opening, the area of the hole on that arm (which is supposed to allow less light in) is larger than that of the aperture; i.e. the amount of light remains the same.

  • Holga Unmasked!

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    Holga Unmasked!

    See what you can do with your Holga when you DON'T use the 12 or 16 mask. It's naked, leaky, and overlapping fun. I have been using my Holga without either the 12 or 16 frame mask and have been getting some really nice results. I love the exaggerated vignetting and light leaks that occurred on every picture. These pictures all came from The Art of Waiting roll from September 2010, shot on Fuji Velvia.