• Smena blues...

    written by nick_a_tron on 2011-03-24

    Lord help me I can't get what I want from this thing.

  • My Lomograph gets published in a major UK newspaper!!

    written by nick_a_tron on 2011-03-04

    Clearly some Snappy Snaps lab technician is going to get it in the neck...

  • Bleaching negatives - positive effects!

    written by nick_a_tron on 2011-03-01

    An attempt to make my discarded off cuts a new lease of life by pouring bleach over them.

  • My Smena 8m ate 'em

    written by nick_a_tron on 2011-02-18

    I read one description of this little camera that jokingly implied that it was scientifically designed to waste as much film as possible, and I won't lie, I've lost 3 before I got 1 under exposed, blurry set of pics out of the camera!

  • I tried Redscale (once)

    written by nick_a_tron on 2011-02-10

    My poor baby daughter Amelie has a chest infection. To get her to sleep I tucked her into her car seat with her favourite teddybear and with my grand father's Pentax ME-F on the passenger seat, loaded with a roll of redscaled film, we went for a drive around the local countryside listening to records and taking pictures. Here's what we got.