Go Analogue For a Day Rumble


24 hours of Analogue life started for me on the morning of the 8th of March, 2011.
I felt as an Orthodox Jew on day of Shabbat when looking at my electric kettle and not being able to touch it to make a cup of coffee. I decided I have to live the house straight away.
All the arrangements were made a day before- my Cosmopolitan friend was in town, and as he never has a cell phone, there was no point for me to take mine. He was supposed to meet me at 12.30 pm by the Stoke Newington station, which he surprisingly did (usually he is always so so so late!).
So, all 3 of us, including his pretty new born baby Horatio jumped into the car and went to Kew Gardens. What was the better thing to do on the International Women’s day?:) Flowers all the way!
My goal was to see the Tropic Extravaganza- Kew’s spectacular annual display of exotic plants.
OMG! It looked amazing!

Around 5,500 of these exotic beauties created a breathtaking spectacle in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, so called Orchid Palace. It was Kew’s 15th successful year to brighten up winter with an orchid pageant. These plants from Asia, Australia, America and South America were fastened to the pillars that held up the glasshouse to make columns of colours, while others were displayed in giant bowls mounted on legs dotted among existing beds.

Yet the star exhibit was the 25ft-long metal ‘island’ that sits on a platform in the middle of a large pond. The base of the island, along with the three upright, 7ft-tall frames made from chicken wire, have been planted with a jazzy mixture of moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) and vanda orchids.
Amazing!!! I LOVE orchids so much!
We also walked around the gardens in search of anything in bloom, Was too late for the bluebells or snow drops though. We fed the baby Horatio with creme soup and enjoyed a glass of organic wheat beer. I also took the opportunity to photograph local ducks with the Shoot Your Prophecy rumble posters.
We did tree top walk and left the gardens very excited. I did about 5 films in 4 hours!
We drove home, gave the baby to his mother and visited the local pub. Hmmm, new sorts of ale… yummy!
I came home late and immediately went to sleep- to avoid touching my Mac Book Pro.
My dreams were Technicolor and the next morning when I woke up, I was really proud of myself.
Thanks Lomography for the task!
and, check out my lomo home for more photos!

Credits: neja

written by neja on 2011-03-24


  1. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Ladies and flowers always look good together! I would definitely exchange most gadgets with the sight of awesome flower arrangements!

  2. neja
    neja ·

    flowers all the way!

  3. dj3555
    dj3555 ·

    flowers all the way ! Gera istorija apie Kovo8 ir analogine diena , nuotraukos taip pat grazios kaip ir autore megstanti geles ypac orhidejos