Ultrafine Plus Black & White 100 (120)


If you are not a fan of Lomography B&W 100 in 120 or GP-3, I do not recommend Ultrafine Plus 100 120. I purchased a five pack for what I thought was more reasonable price than Kodak or Fuji B&W 100. When I received the box, there was no expiration date and the individual rolls are packed in large foil packets that are heat crimped. I opened my first roll today and noticed it was similar to Lomo’s old B&W 100….same paper and feel to it. The roll is not encircled by masking tape, but a hard paper band that was not easy to remove. The numbers were difficult to see in my Lubitel. When done, Lomo’s offering would let you reuse your masking tape. This one had a small square of double sided tape on the narrowest part of the paper tab. I sealed it, but stuck it in a film tube I had. Luckily I did, because when I got home it was starting to fat roll. I wound it and sealed with my own masking tape. Film paper does not indicate film tip or speed for developer. I will not buy this again. I have reviewed the 400 line here and would use it again

written by neanderthalis on 2012-12-24

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