A very ill camera...

I took my Canon AE-1 off the shelf for some fun with some specialty film at our nearby botanical garden. What I was about to encounter was some troubling news…

On my first shot I noticed that the “M” was blinking on my light meter. Those familiar with the AE-1 know that it is the camera telling you the aperture ring is not on “A” for automatic exposure. I check the ring, it was fine on “A”. I slide the aperture ring to 2.8 and all the way back to “A”. Still blinking “M”. I looked on the cellphone for a quick suggesting: check the battery.
Whew! I have an extra battery…quick change and terminal check…Still blinking!!!!
I finished the roll with it blinking. I threw in a roll of 12 exp Fuji 200 to give it another go. I wanted to develop the Fuji for 99 cents rather than my specialty film that would cost me $7 and a trip across heavy traffic twice over two days
Here is one of the results:

Credits: neanderthalis

When I got home, I tried on 3 more Canon lens with no change in the blinking. I am wondering if it is the computer or something I accidentally smashed that senses the “A” on the camera body.

Anybody have any suggestions or know if the AE-1 computer can be fixed anymore?
My friend is sick and it is only 34 years old….

written by neanderthalis on 2012-03-18