Pre travel anxiety, deciding on your cameras for a trip


I see all the great vacation holiday photographs here on this website and my mind was boggled by choosing cameras for my own upcoming adventure. I see those of you who are die hard fans of a single camera they take on every trip and those who seem to have a bag filled to the brim with different cameras to capture their travels. I marvel at your collective results.

On prior trips since getting back into film, I chose to take the Ultra Wide & Slim to Las Vegas. The Diana F+ accompanied us to Toronto ( very happy with that choice) and a Smena 8m came with me on an emergency trip to Los Angeles. I wanted to change it up this year.

Some of you have kindly given your suggestions as to what I should take on my summer holiday. Those of you who have mentioned a Horizon camera have definitely convinced me.

Credits: neanderthalis

I purchased the Horizon almost two years ago, but only recently have I appreciated the camera for its attributes. Also, I am happy I won’t be limited by batteries or DX coding.

I am limiting myself to one or two more camera and I think a pinhole will be my next choice. I am participating in the the Lomo Luke project and if he arrives before I depart, I will take him and a third camera sure to capture his adventure with me in three states.

written by neanderthalis on 2014-07-24


  1. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    I have around 50 film cameras and every kind of film known to man and I have this very same problem. I usually try to take 3 total. One that is pocketable and easy to use like an LC-A, LC-A+ or LC-W or similar point and shoot is my first choice. Then I decide if I want to take a medium format or all 35mm. If I go with MF I try to pick something that isn't huge but has options for exposure and focus so it's good for most situations. And then my Bessa R4A and super wide lens because it's my fave.

    You want to make sure you can shoot in any situation, any light, and capture motion as well as stills. So consider those things as well as the weight of the gear and how you will be carrying it.

  2. schugger
    schugger ·

    ...the same problem is right in front of me. I am facing my first big vacation since I started beeing a lomographer...Two cameras are set now: LC-A and Horizon. As I'll be visting (Western) Canada, the latter is a must...But: I love my Rollei 35, what about Diana F and Diana Mini? And today I received my Holga CFN...and, even if you bash me know, the DSLR has to be withme,too...And what films will I carry? Obviously we'll be riding a plane to get to Canada,and there are restrictions of weight...ahhhh...all in all it's kinda luxury problem, I am talking albout holidays :))) @alienmeatsack and @neanderthalis