• 40

    written by ndroo on 2011-03-24

    Some old friends who were shooting (in only digital) with my when I picked up photography back in 2003 asked me ... 'I thought only the young ones do Lomo?'. True? Nah!

  • 2011 New Year Resolutions : Only One

    written by ndroo on 2010-12-27

    As usual ... I'll come up with 101 resolutions that are usually flushed down the drain come 2nd January. This year ... I decided to choose only one. Can you guess which one will it be?

  • Sprocket Rocket : First rolls in Taiwan

    written by ndroo on 2010-11-23
    Sprocket Rocket : First rolls in Taiwan

    I'm begining to love the Sprocket Rocket!

  • Naked Cameras Suck!

    written by ndroo on 2010-11-03
    Naked Cameras Suck!

    You might not know it but being a naked camera sucks (bad)!