• Paris holiday 1

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    Holiday pics from a holiday to France and London in September / October 2012. Taken with my favorite point and shoot. Love the colours with the Velvia when cross processed.

  • We :)

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    Experimenting velvia on E6 for first time. Like i but I'm not used to Belair yet.

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    Netherlands located at '3' Europa Boulevard, the Dutch pavilion was one of the most popular buildings, winning international acclaim, and was designed by the firm MVRDV. The theme of the 36 m high building (the fair's tallest structure) was "Holland creates Space". Six Holland eco-system landscapes were stacked to showcase how a country can make the most out of a small space. Guests entered on the ground floor and moved through the exhibit space via grand exterior staircases that wrapped around the building. The top level contained a small lake surrounded with windmills that generated power for the building. The interior spaces were designed by MET Studio. The original plan was to dismantle the building and move it back to Amsterdam, but it was determined that it would be much cheaper to just create a new building from scratch. As of 2006 the building sits empty and is partially looted with windows smashed and garbage everywhere.

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  • New York's Bravest

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    The FDNY putting out a burning van in front of 1 Federal Plaza at Foley Square

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    One of the most stunning analogue photos in our Community these past few weeks, this Lomograph sure deserves this spot! Beautifully crafted and well-thought, check out today's featured Lomograph. (P.O.T.D. 06.13.12)

  • It only happens in your dream

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  • Freiburg

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    Another visit

  • Wir dürfen vorstellen: LomoAmigo moodification

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    Wir dürfen vorstellen: LomoAmigo moodification

    Lernt von unserem Juli LomoAmigo moodification, wie man dank der Lomographie entspannen kann. Erfahrt außerdem mehr über Peers Leidenschaft zur Lubitel 166+ und die Liebe zur Lomography Community und lasst euch von seinen Fotogalerien inspirieren.

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  • LC-A self portrait

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    self portrait using my reflection in a large metal sphere

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  • multistory covered car park

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    cocktails with my friends

  • Antique Camera Treasure

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    Antique Camera Treasure

    One persons obsession with a roll of film found in a camera in an antique store.

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  • Dance with Me

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  • The Lomography Win Your Wishlist

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    The Lomography Win Your Wishlist

    Are you desiring something so badly in our Online Shop? Is it the LomoKino? The LC-Wide perhaps? A La Sardina sounds pretty neat, too!


    shared by paramir on 2011-12-10

    Got this cool Keystone 470PM Message Camera from mephisto19, as a part of a project: Shot this roll and passed it on... I hope it will see many more places before it goes back home...

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  • Les Fleurs du Mal

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    (1) Go to the 'Where is this' google map at the bottom right. (2) Drag and drop the little yellow guy at the centre of the blue circle. (3) turn your 'head' and here's the tree ! : )

  • Mongolia

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  • BKSPicture

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    You can find more of my work on my homepage: _________________________________________ Also have a blog where I write about my photo experience, tips and trick etc. . . . . . . . . _________________________________________ Facebook:

  • Valentine's Day

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  • Pictures Inside My Head

    written by kiwikoh on 2011-07-03
    Pictures Inside My Head

    What will happen when silhouette meets multi-exposure?

  • Holga <3 Utrecht

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    Holga <3 Redscale XR - some HQME

  • Holga loved Redscale XR

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    HQME - High Quantity Multiple Exposure that means at least TEN exposures over each other, sometimes way more.... perfect technique with redscale xr

  • HQME

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    with LC-A+

  • HQME

    shared by mephisto19 on 2011-06-03

    with LC-A+

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    Lomo-Meeting in Minden with evalina, frauspatzi and mephisto19

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