• LomoGuru of the Week: Warning

    written by fookshit on 2011-11-04
    LomoGuru of the Week: Warning

    Whether if she’s behind the camera busily composing her shots in the viewfinder or in front of the camera while seducing us all with her self-portraits, either way she simply never fails to wow us all without any warning! In fact, every Lomographic thing she does is unadulterated analogue magic!

  • The Colors of Nature

    written by gladys on 2011-09-22
    The Colors of Nature

    Have you ever wondered why the sky sometimes is blue, sometimes green, sometimes red or orange? I love taking pictures of the sky; how about you?

  • 8 Easy but Awesome Beginner Tips

    written by nadinadu on 2011-09-16 #gear #tutorials
    8 Easy but Awesome Beginner Tips

    Anyone who has spent enough time in the Lomo Society will have a faint idea of some popular tricks people like to do which give you great results! So this Tipster is for all the Lomo-Beginners out there!

  • LomoAmigo Spiros Poros at the Special Olympics

    written by basterda on 2011-08-05 #people
    LomoAmigo Spiros Poros at the Special Olympics

    Greek-native Spiros Poros is our newest LomoAmigo! His photographs have a cinematographic appeal which exudes enigma and passion. This time, using his Diana F+, his portraits became more special -- he delved into the lives of special people and he captured their exceptional sides on film...

  • SuperSampler Review

    written by veato on 2011-07-11 #gear
    SuperSampler Review

    I couldn't wait to get my hands on my new SuperSampler and to test it took little Emily down to the park. The four lens arrangement seemed perfect for capturing her at play so please read on and see what I made of my new little blue camera.