• My October Top 10 Lomographers

    written by nation_of_pomation on 2011-10-07
    My October Top 10 Lomographers

    This is an entry for Mephisto19's October rumble. It's a brief list of my top 10 favorite members of the site. They are not in order by preference, but in alphabetical order.

  • My First Best Picture

    written by nation_of_pomation on 2011-03-26
    My First Best Picture

    My first roll of film ever was an expired roll of Kodak Plus-X that had expired in 1988. It was given to me as a gift from an old couple that are old friends of my father's.

  • My Trip to Jackson, MS

    written by nation_of_pomation on 2011-03-24
    My Trip to Jackson, MS

    Recently, I went on a tour with a play I was in about the Civil Rights movement in the United States. We went to Jackson, MS, an important place to the movement. It was surprisingly gorgeous.

  • Blue Angel

    written by nation_of_pomation on 2011-01-08
    Blue Angel

    I have to go back to college soon. It makes me nervous, considering my first semester wasn't the best. Oh well, they call it "the old college try" for a reason, right? I keep having the same nightmares about the same girl hating me. It's making it hard to sleep. I miss the beach, the trip I took a few days ago reminded me why I love it. Oh well, I'll be back one day.

  • The New Year

    written by nation_of_pomation on 2010-12-31
    The New Year

    The new year is all about resolutions for some of us. Might as well make some of my own, and recall an old standard song that I've loved for years while I do it.

  • Little Dreamer

    written by nation_of_pomation on 2010-12-29
    Little Dreamer

    I love music. I love it more than most things. I'm usually listening to music when I'm taking pictures, or when I'm scanning negatives, or posting them, tagging them, whatever. I just wanted to share lyrics and a song and a picture or two or however many I feel like that works together. And maybe other extraneous words. I don't know, it's my damn blog. I'm not one for organization.