My New Years Resolution


Once again this new years resolution will be to quit smoking again, this has been going on for a while, but I realise now since discovering lomography that when I don’t smoke I have more money for film, development you may notice the months I have more photo’s upload is the weeks I have given up the least photo’s uploaded I fell off the wagon again.

This time last year I hadn’t heard of Lomography and had a job I hated and was about to embark on returning to study, but being denied being able to study from my government job network as their excuse was there is no future in the arts, I was feeling pretty low my creative urges need to be let out and needed and outlet and I remembered a former trainer from a photography work for the dole had always talked about DIana camera’s so one night I googled Diana Camera’s and that night I discovered Lomography.

I still have the job I hate but this new year I will start knowing about Lomography and trying not to smoke so I can buy more Lomography goodies and take more photo’s, but ask me again next new years and I will probably be stil trying to quit smoking again.

written by naomac on 2010-12-28

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  1. vanc180sx
    vanc180sx ·

    you can do it naomac , '' add oil '' mean ''cheers'' in chinese word ;p