• Sound Wave Flames

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-09-24 #news #videos
    Sound Wave Flames

    When Jim Morrison sung Come on, Baby, Light my Fire, was he referring to sound artist Yuri Suzuki and Mathew Kneebone lighting 6 flame tubes? Probably not, but can you imagine glowing embers moving, in sync, to the vibrations of music? After the jump, watch the flames jump off 6 Rubens Tubes!

  • Summer

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    Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

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  • Infrared Fairy

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    “Bajo la Luna jugamos, pues la noche es nuestro día. Entre perlas de rocío, cual abejas agilísimas, Bailamos juntas las hadas, dos a dos y tres a tres, aprovechando las horas de antes del amanecer.”

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    Tania thanks for all..u are the best 8)

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