My Photography Origins


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I got a digital camera for my birthday when i was something like 12! I didn’t take great pictures, but i enjoyed it. After a while i noticed what amazing photos some people took, and i got frustrated because my results were never that great. I knew about photoshop and all that, yet i had no idea how to use it! But i also knew there had to be a simpler way! It took me forever to figure out what that was, but eventually i found it. I was looking through someones photos on Facebook, when i noticed that strange big colorful camera in their hands! I did some research on it, and tada! That was what i had always been looking for! It was the Holga. I didn’t know about the whole Lomo Society yet, but i knew that i wanted a Holga! So i waited for many months until it was my birthday. I wished for a so called Lomo camera! And when my birthday came i got one. But not the one i wanted back then. I got a Lomo lc-a! I was completely dissapointed, not knowing anything about that camera or what it did! But now, i am so thankful that i did get that camera and not a Holga. I love it over everything!

After about 10 months of Lomo love i have become a complete addict! And right now my list consists of 3 cameras!

Lomo LC-A

Credits: nadinadu


Holga 120 CFN

Credits: nadinadu


And a Diana Mini

Credits: nadinadu


So. Back to Basics it would be:
I got inspired by someone else’s photos!
Wondered how they got those results!
Found out what the Magic trick was.
Got my Lomo, got a pack of film.
And now i´m trying to master it. By that i mean i always want to top my previous results.
I want to get better and better. I want to find my own style.
Right now i´m trying “Don´t think! Just shoot!”
It isn’t working too well, so i will try and find my own motive that i can follow!
I dont always know what im doing when i shoot. I dont know much about all the settings and in what light to use which film, and what aperture it should be and what iso to use. But then again…isnt that part of the charm? Just going for it and learning from experience instead of from a book?

Im worried i might loose interest in Lomo in the future. So i´m trying to keep myself active and experimental and I hope to find lots more Lomo love and get a whole bunch of cameras :) And every piggie i get will help me accomplish that :)

PS. And i am proud to say that i infected two of my friends with Lomo addiction and they now also have some analogue cameras!


written by nadinadu on 2011-08-20


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