Charity shop find, thanks wife

My wife loves rummaging in charity shops, I’m quite partial myself, although Ebay has spoiled some of the fun. Especially finding rare vinyl gems, though you can always buy the Carpenters greatest hits as there is an inexhaustible supply. Anyway I digress, since my lomo addiction has really taken hold, every time she goes to a charity shop or any seller of curios and nick naks I ask to try and find an old random camera.

I don’ know what exactly I am hoping she will find, perhaps a Hasselblad 503CW for £10. Or maybe a completely unknown toy camera made in Belarus in the 60’s.

What she did manage to find was a Halina 3000. This 1974 Hong Kong made camera comes with various settings, of which I had no idea about, and a light meter which doesn’t work. But what do you expect from a camera that cost £5, which just so happens to be the going price.

Credits: nachomandrill

So bought some cheap Fujifilm 200 just to give it a test run. Although not all the pics came back, I’m presuming they were so ground breaking that the guys at lomo labs kept them for themselves lol. What came back weren’t too bad.

Credits: nachomandrill

Not decided on the next film but whatever it is it’s gonna get some saturation going on.

written by nachomandrill on 2012-05-10